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Meet our passionate team of professionals, available to take care of your horses and our high-quality facilities. Respectful and attentive to your horses' needs, and listening to their owners, we do everything we can to ensure their optimal well-being.

A meticulous daily maintenance

We are aware that the quality of the facilities is not enough to offer a healthy and comfortable living environment for our horses. We are also committed to providing quality care in the daily maintenance of the boxes, to ensure the health and well-being of our equines.

A meticulous daily maintenance of the boxes is carried out 6 days out of 7, twice a day, to ensure a high level of cleanliness and better comfort for your horses.

Thanks to our attention to detail and our commitment to providing the best care for our equines, we are proud to stand out from other stables by offering an exceptional environment for our horses.

The different types of bedding we offer

The different types of bedding we offer

We offer three different types of bedding for your horses, depending on their specific needs:



Straw bedding is one of the most common choices for horse stalls. It offers many benefits, including comfort for the horses and a good absorption of urine.


Flax shavings

Flax shavings are an economical bedding alternative. This bedding is made from ground and sifted linseed to obtain long, fine fibers. Flax shavings are also low-dust, which can help reduce respiratory problems in sensitive horses.


Wood shavings

Wood shavings are another popular option for horse stall bedding. They are less dusty than straw, making them more suitable for horses with respiratory allergies.


Jumping and Dressage Lessons

We are a private stable whose access and use of facilities is reserved for horse owners and their boarders.

We do not organize competitions, vacation camps or children's workshops.

Lessons are only organized for horse owners and are strictly individual.

We do not have riding school horses.


Rates and Availability

The rates and availability of stalls in our stable are communicated only upon request. We are happy to provide all necessary information regarding rates and stall availability for your horse.

Our stables are private property and are not open to the public, but this should not prevent you from contacting us to plan a visit.

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Visits by appointment only.

Rates and Availability